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Thank you for your interest in VIP Golf Spain Franchise. 


Please see our FAQs below, this will hopefully give you a little more insight into our business and the amazing opportunity available



What is my main role as a franchisee ?

When your clients arrive it will be your responsibility to ensure they recieve a 1st class experience. From collection at the airport to driving to and from the golf courses (which you have already played and gained knowledge). Not forgetting advising your clients of the evenings restaurants which you will have tried and tested. Having already built up your business contacts "at the golf courses and restaurants" you will be confident with the knowledge that your clients are receiving an exceptional service however, you will need to remain in contact with these to ensure the standards remain high. At some point you may require more clients, not forgetting you will hopefully receive repeat business. With this in mind you may need to employ staff to look after your clients with the same standard you have shown. While doing all the above you will make sure their villa is ready for them and manage your diary to avoid overlapping future bookings. Everyday is different and exciting but usually comes with its own issues that you will need to handle with a professional manner.

Can I own the villa that is rented to clients ?

Yes, we will show you how you can purchase a villa with a small deposit and use the rental income to buy the villa for you, this means your business is purchasing your villa.

Do I have to live in Spain to be a franchisee ?

Yes you will need to set at least 6 months of the year in Spain.

Is there any other countries that will be available in the future ?

Yes, as time goes on we will look to be in Portugal and France other places are also on our list like the Balearic Islands.

Can I have more than one area ?

Yes, however you we need to demonstrate to us that you can manage staff and successfully managed an area which now at least 3 villas operating.

Can I take over a region already established ?

We will be running regions ourselves and these can be franchised with a premium if a franchisee would prefer to take over an established area. This can be more beneficial to the franchisee as the business will already have bookings, golf courses, villas and all business contacts already set up, however we will sell these at a premuim as the franchisee will be taking over an establish business.

Can I sell my franchise ?

Yes, we will have to agree the prospect of the buyer but in most cases as long as the buyer is suitable you will be permitted to sell your franchise business.

Do I have to find the villas to rent ?

No, we will do this for you, however in the future should you require more villas you will have more knowledge of the area which will help us with your expansion

Do I have to find the golf courses in my region ?

We will assist you in making sure the courses you/we choose are at a standard of play that we expect and have facitilies within the club to accommadate your clients. We want you to be able to understand each course and give your clients tips where needed.

Do I make my own bookings ?

No, we do this for you, however we encourage you to promote yourself within your network of golf friends etc and we have coupons for golf clubs to help promote your business ,meaning you are also encouraged to promote this into golf clubs you have association with, you will also have your own web site and app with only your own region on it, you can use this to promote your business.

Is the business seasonal or all year round ?

Mid September to Easter can be a very profitable season to run your franchise. The summer time can give you the opportunity to rebuild and promote your franchise ready for the next season. We also will be more than happy to promote your region all year round, you will have to be aware the weather can get very hot and you need to have golfers playing early or twilight times, clients can play all through the day however extra water is a must.

Do I pay a monthly management fee ?

Yes, We will charge a management commision on the bookings you receive.

Is there a franchise fee and do I need working capital ?

The answer is yes on both. If you are interested in learning more after reading all this then enquire further and we will disclose this information.

What would be my expected earnings ?

This will depend on each franchise, if you operate your franchise by yourself and partner and with one villa then you would expect to earn around 40k to 50k per annum,if you would employ staff and have around 3 villas then we would expect you to be earning in excess of a 6 figure income. We will show more on this to interested parties.

Can I have a travel experience ?

Yes, if you feel you would like to take this further then we recommend to experience first hand how we operate.

Do I need to be a resiendence of Spain to run this business ?

There are certain laws you have to comply with to live in Spain and run a franchise. NIE Number, Numero de Identidad de Extranjero - If you live in Spain for more than 3 months you need an NIE number. IVA -the IVA is the same as VAT in the UK. Property Tourist Licence - You will need this on the villa you rent. Spainish Residency permit - if you stay more than 183 days (6months) We can guild and help you on all legal requirements and we have english speaking Spanish lawyers that will assist you, we would recommend all this gets put in place befoe your arrive for your new businesss.

How do I take this further ?

We like to be a personal business and know all our partners however we are busy building our brand and reputation, for this reason we have appointed a speclist franchise company as our dedicated representative for taking any partners further. They will have the answers to any questions you may still have and will meet you in person. Please fill in the enquiry form below and we will forward your details on to them.


Thank you for your enquiry, we will be in touch with you.